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PTE Coaching Overview

Pearson Tests of English (PTE) The following tests are available from Pearson:
The Pearson Test of English Academic:
Academic is a computer-based academic English language test aimed at non-native English speakers wanting to study abroad. It tests Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. There is one multi-level test.
The Pearson Test of English General:
Formerly The London Test of English, these are designed to reward positive achievement in English language learning. The tests consist of two parts: a written paper and an interview.There are six levels of the General test. Each level is set at one of the CEFR levels.

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How to Prepare for PTE Exam

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Build Vocabulary

Work on expanding your vocabulary, especially for the reading and writing sections. Use flashcards, read articles, and practice using new words in sentences.

Enhance Listening Skills:

Practice listening to various accents and work on understanding spoken English in different contexts. Use podcasts, videos, and other audio resources.

Improve Writing Skills:

Practice writing essays, summaries, and responses to prompts. Pay attention to grammar, punctuation, and coherence in your writing.

Review and Reflect:

After taking practice tests, review your performance. Understand the mistakes you made and learn from them. Adjust your study plan accordingly.

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PTE Training

Visit the official PTE Academic website to access official study materials, sample questions, and practice tests. This will give you an idea of the test format and the types of questions you can expect.